Wednesday, February 16, 2011

McCarthy, Thompson Signed Through 2015

Remember this day? The day that Ted Thompson hired Mike McCarthy to become the 15th head coach in the history of the Green Bay packers? I don't remember the day as much as I remember what happened after it. As in, the cries for his dismissal. And the dismissal of Ted Thompson. And CEO Mark Murphy for that matter. Somewhere along the line, these three men who were dedicated to taking the Packers back to the Super Bowl were treated as villains, and I'd say nearly half our fan base wanted to run these three "stooges" out of all. All because traded away a quarterback that hadn't gotten us to the Super Bowl since 1997 after he retired and un-retired.

And while I still think that anybody who took Favre's side in the whole Favre vs. Thompson / McCarthy / Murphy feud should not be able to celebrate this year's Super Bowl with the rest of us (they have to wait until the next championship), McCarthy and the brass never publicly let out any frustrations they may have had with all the criticism that was heading their way. The three men stayed on course with their vision, and now they are all being rewarded for it handsomely.

Murphy's the boss, so he's not going anywhere, but he's making sure that the Larry and Moe to his Curly don't go anywhere as well. Thompson was locked up back in December, although just announced recently, and he'll be here until 2015. Same now goes for Mike McCarthy, who apparently will soon be given a contract extension that will average about $5 million per year.

Really, the only way that I see these guys not finishing out their new deals if they choose to retire or leave, because there's no way I can envision them being ran out of town. Nobody was fired after the Favre fiasco, so certainly these guys have earned a lot more time after they won a Super Bowl. With these two guys back until at least the middle of the decade, and the core of this football team signed for quite sometime as well, I think it's safe to say that this team is going to be perennial Super Bowl contenders for quite some time.


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