Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Media Day Dud

So NFL.com was supposed to carry Media Day live with cameras on each podium as well as having a camera roaming among the throng of reporters, photographers, credentialed superheroes, etc. I say was because the NFL apparently fell asleep at the wheel and forgot to hit the button. NONE of the feeds were available during the Packers session and I received the following tweet from Jim Loftus, the Managing Editor of NFL.com after I inquired whether or not the live feeds NFL.com would be working at any point: "We hope so. Power outage in the broadcast compound knocked out our encoders. Working on it."

The terrorists have won.

The feeds never came online during the Packers session and there was no notification on NFL.com that there was a problem. The NFL Network coverage was horrendous as they cut away from a play mid-sentence at times and only seemed concerned in getting their questions answered at other times.

I've sent a follow-up message to Mr. Loftus to find out if those videos will be available at a later time and have yet to receive a response. I will update later if I receive one...but don't hold your breath.


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