Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Final Super Bowl Thought

I watched this video, and I started to get goosebumps. Not only that, but I definitely teared up. And there's no stopping me from feeling that way. The closer that the Packers get to the Super Bowl, the more I start to realize how ridiculous it is that I care for something this much even when I have no control over it. But this is what being a fan is all about, and I'm fine with that. You sit through the lowest of lows just to get the chance to feel the highest of highs, and that chance is upon us. Two teams are going to take the field on Sunday night, and because of where I grew up I will live and die with that result. Enjoy this moment Packers fans, because we deserve to be here.

Now let's do this thing.


Daniel C said...

I LOVED this post and the Packer coverage throughout the entire season. Awesome job by everyone. The Packer fan - Bear fan and betting lines stuff were especially enjoyable.

World champs.

The demons have been exorcised. No more Favre drama, no more Giants in Lambeau, no more 4th and 26, no more helicopter. All of that can fade away now, as this victory shines as a glorious beacon.

Winks said...

Well said. I'll have my thoughts on Monday evening, but for now... best night of my life.

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