Thursday, February 3, 2011

Road to the Super Bowl - 3 Days Away

The weekend is nearly upon us, and the Super Bowl is getting closer every day. Til then, here are three things to discuss while listening to a hot new track from Lil Wayne.

1. Practicing Through Injuries - While it doesn't seem too serious, it should at least be noted that wide receiver Donald Driver sat out during team drills on Thursday. In what Coach McCarthy called a "precautionary move", Driver stayed on the sidelines after tweeking a quad injury during Wednesday's practice. “He’s fine,” McCarthy explained to pool reporter Jim Trotter. “He wants to practice and all that, but I’m not taking any chances with him. I’ll probably hold him out tomorrow, as well.” 

Outside linebacker Erik Walden is another player that the coaches are monitoring, as he was limited in Thursday's practice. McCarthy plans to limit him for the rest of the week in hopes that he'll be ready to go for Sunday. I'm guessing there's no way that Walden doesn't play, but it's looking more and more like Frank Zombo will at least be listed as the starter. Zombo practiced with the first team again in Walden's absence. 

The team will hit the practice field again on Friday, but McCarthy says that if the game was today they'd be ready to go. Friday's practice will be more of a review, and it will take place after the much anticipated team photograph!

2. Start Bribing Walt Anderson - There was a lot of talk about the officiating crew heading into the NFC Championship game, as Terry McAulay's crew had lit up the Packers with 18 penalties earlier in the season. This week, the official will be Walt Anderson, someone who was much kinder to the Packers in his earlier appearance. Anderson was the lead man during the Packers 45-17 rout against the Giants that started this run to the Super Bowl, and in that game he called just three penalties for 31 yards. I ultimately don't think it means too much as to who the official is, but everything is news during Super Bowl week.

3. The Curious Case of Darome Jenkins - A strange off-the-field story emerged this week when it was reported that Cullen Jenkins revealed that he hadn't heard from his father in more than a month. He wasn't necessarily missing, he just went to Hawaii and they hadn't heard from him. Because of the media curiosity about his father's whereabouts, police approached Darome Jenkins' residence and found him safe and sound. So at least the guy is alive, but that's all that I'm willing to delve into as far as this story goes. Sounds like the Jenkins family has endured some tough times over the years of which I'm not in a place to talk about. Cullen has set aside a ticket for his dad though in hopes he shows up for the Super Bowl, so we'll see if we don't get a shot of him in the stands during the FOX broadcast (hint: if you're looking for a ticket to the game, go up to will call ten minutes before kickoff and see if you can't get that ticket on a discount). 

So that was fun, but we all know the real reason you're here today - for information on Super Bowl prop betting! Lemmy's got a couple of fresh reads today, including on interesting look on who will score more points on Sunday between the Packers and Blake Griffin, as well as props on the individual Packers players performances during the game. Happy betting!


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