Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Road to the Super Bowl - 5 Days Away

Three things to think about while watching what better not happen on Sunday courtesy of Madden...

1. Packers Embrace Media Day - There's a lot of things that I love about media day, but there are also a lot of things that I hate. Specifically "Ross the Intern" from The Tonight Show, as he is the summation for why I hate Jay Leno and his program. He's the least funny person on television today, and that is a list that includes the cast of Two and a Half Men. Yet, the freak show that is Ross as well as a lot of other people that don't have any business being there are given press passes to the event, of which you can of course tell makes me jealous. But it is a fun spectacle, and the Packers seemed to enjoy it. You know, even though I'm worried for the Packers just a bit during the game because of their lack of inexperience, I am enjoying watching these guys take in the Super Bowl atmosphere for the first time. Especially like guys Donald Driver. Charles Woodson has been a lot of fun already this week too, proclaiming that he "needs... the Lombardi Trophy", and Clay Matthews was riot during his media day opportunity when he was recalling how mean Rich Eisen was to him during his time as an NFL Network intern. Aaron Rodgers might have said it best though when he said he was just trying not to say anything stupid.

2. Steelers Meet Their Own Controversy - As you are all probably painfully aware, Tuesday would have been the day that the Packers were supposed to take their team photograph. Thanks to Nick Barnett's Twitter account however, that photo has been moved until Friday. But with quote unquote controversy seemingly behind us, the Steelers have now discovered one of their own. Did some of the Steelers players attend a Dallas strip club on Monday night? Personally, I don't think it matters. The game is six days away and strips clubs are a bit overrated anyway. But the Dallas Morning News thought it mattered so much to the point that they sent a reporter to the strip club for the sole purpose of hanging out there to see if any NFL players swung by. Apparently a few Steelers were spotted, including Hines Ward, but the claims have been denied. Again, it's not a big deal to me either way, but I'm just glad that the Steelers are finally feeling some of the Super Bowl madness that the Packers have self-inflicted on themselves throughout the last week.

3. Rodgers Looking for Advice - We've heard Brett Favre's name a lot more than week than we would have liked to, especially with Mark Murphy talking about how they want to welcome him back to the family soon enough. But the majority of the Favre talk is in regard to what Aaron Rodgers has to do to become better than Favre historically. The main way to accomplish this of course would be to win a Super Bowl. Specifically this one, that'd be nice. During his press conference on Tuesday, Deion Sanders got the first crack at Rodgers and within two minutes asked a Favre related question. Prime wanted to know if Rodgers and Favre had spoken before this Super Bowl, and Rodgers answer was a silent, yet very loud, "no." Those two don't like each other very much. Instead, Rodgers has been looking towards former Super Bowl winners Kurt Warner, Steve Young, and my man Bart Starr for Super Bowl advice. ProFootballTalk (Michael David Smith, not Florio of course) has more.

Finally, Jerry Jones gave some props to the Packers today, and now you can but your prop bets on him!


Anonymous said...

you know, you could probably be credentialed to media day if you, say, applied for a credential?

Winks said...

Next time for sure!

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