Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SUPER BOWL Betting Lines

So here we are...the end of the line...last football game until...well...who knows, really. However, the GREEN BAY PACKERS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL! I still have a moment or two each day when I get a sudden burst of excitement coursing through my frame because of that last statement. I've certainly been enjoying myself in my comp'd room at the Packers Therapy Hotel & Casino sponsored by and Uh, by the way, that chandelier was like that when I got here. It's just so fantastic and, if we're all honest with ourselves, the most unexpected outcome at at the midpoint of this season. I hope you all have been enjoying these past few weeks, allowing yourselves to be swept up and enveloped by the constant Packers coverage. If you haven't then you better get to cramming because this doesn't happen often enough to have a blasé attitude about it and who knows how much football we'll be seeing next year. Depending upon which pundit you listen to, the season has potential to be interrupted. Also, no matter where you get your information from, the one constant is that the two sides are not close and the outlook is murky at best. But let's get back to the joy of this week.

Green Bay opened as the favorite and the consensus was that they were favored by 2.5 and they still are. There are so many variables in this's being played in a dome but both sides have tremendous defensive units, poor to average special teams play and loads of injuries. Oddly, Packers are considered the healthy ones since their big injuries came earlier in the season and they've had the chance to work through them. Maurkice Pouncey declared himself 75% on Media Day but it sounds like a load of BS to me. I can't see Tomlin putting the guy in if he hasn't snapped the ball in two weeks, Pro Bowler or not. This is going to be a tough game and I don't see it being like the shoot-out that happened between these two during the 2009 regular season. Anyways, enough analysis though, let's get to the fun.

These are the final game prop bets of the 2010 season but hopefully we'll see some 2011 NFL Draft bets...feel free to lobby Dave to put some together and take our minds off the depressing labor negotiations. Also, I want to thank Chris and Dave for all their hard work during the season. They've done a fantastic job and while we may not hear from them on a weekly basis until football starts again in...whenever, I'm sure the occasional podcast will pop out there from time to time, especially as we creep closer to Draft Day. Now, let's get to why you're all here, shall we?

****Extremely long, Michael Scott-esque drumroll****

Passing Touchdowns for QB1, Aaron Rodgers
Line: 1.5
I think the Packers will try to come out with a blazing start similar to the NFC Championship game. If there's any game where these guys need to be focused and hold onto the ball, it's this one. OVER

Interceptions by Green Bay
Line: 1.5
Roethlisberger is known to get the job done...not necessarily a numbers guy. He's holds the record for the lowest QB rating in a Super Bowl by the winning quarterback (22.6 in Super Bowl XL). I'm taking the OVER as I think the Packers will be able to get one early in the game and then get another towards the closing minutes.

Rushing Yards by Pittsburgh
Line: 80
Mendenhall has become a good running back and quitely had a good season. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that he was relatively healthy this year. However, he's not quite the receiving threat (23 receptions for 167 yards) as someone like Forte who the Bears used in the screen game to burn to gash the Packers early in the NFC Championship game. If he gets the ball, it'll be via the rush and I think they'll try to get him out on the corners early. However, I don't think they'll get him to 80 so I'll go UNDER.

Sacks by Pittsburgh
Line: 3.5
I really don't like James Harrison. I think he's a dirty player and I believe he'll try to knock Rodgers out of the game whether he's fined or not. They'll be coming after Aaron and I've got to think they'll wrap up better than the Bears did. That being said, I think Rodgers is more elusive than people are giving him credit for plus the Bears are a GOOD defensive team. I think 4 is high so I'll take the UNDER.

Receptions by Green Bay Running Backs and Tight Ends
Line: 5.5
This is a tough one but I'm going with my gut here. I think a good balance of short and deeper passes (as far as the passing game goes) will get the job done but Quarless is not quite there. 6 is a big number here so I'm going to go UNDER. It'll be close but I think we'll see McCarthy use wide recievers for some of the short passes.

Unsuccessful 3rd Down and 2 or Less Conversions
Line: 2.5
I think McCarthy knows what he's got and how to convert these situations now. The John Kuhn Experiment is over and obviously the best way is to stay out of those situations. UNDER

Difference in Score (GBP score minus PS score)
Line: -4
Oh Chris...always the nay-sayer. OVER

Times Brett Favre's Mug or Name Shows Up on Television
Line: 2.5
He'll show up in a graphic at the beginning but I think there will be other times his name creeps into view as well such as in stat comparison, etc. This also includes highlights of past Super Bowls so I'm going OVER.

Packers MVP (Should They Win)
Well, I'll go with an A and B choice as well since both Chris and Dave did. My A would have to go to Aaron Rodgers as I think he'll excel if the Packers win. B would go to Charles Woodson. He is still the leader of this defensive group and I just have a feeling that he'll make plays on this stage.

Ok, there it is. This has been a great year. Enjoy this fans. This team has endured a lot and pressed on despite the obstacles they faced throughout the season. I believe McCarthy and Thompson have made a lot of believers out of the skeptics...even DAVE!

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