Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 American League Predictions

The start of the 2011 regular season is right around the corner. No more of the scrubs on the base paths...unless you're talking about the Pirates. March 31 will be here in a couple days and as such, we at The Bucky Channel have decided to embarrass ourselves and summon our inner Nostradamuses (Nostradami?) and give you our takes on the pending season.

Don't worry, there's no homerism...well, maybe a little but it's valid.

We're going to start with the American League Division and Wild Card winners

James: Red Sox
Gweedo: Red Sox
Wegs: Red Sox
Turtle: Red Sox
Winks: Red Sox

James: White Sox
Gweedo: White Sox
Wegs: Twins
Turtle: Twins
Winks: Tigers

James: Rangers
Gweedo: Rangers
Wegs: Athletics
Turtle: Angels
Winks: Angels

Wild Card
James: Yankees
Gweedo: Yankees
Wegs: Yankees
Turtle: Rangers
Winks: Yankees

Divisional Playoffs
James: Red Sox over White Sox | Yankees over Rangers
Gweedo: Red Sox over White Sox | Rangers over Yankees
Wegs: Red Sox over Athletics | Twins over Yankees
Turtle: Red Sox over Rangers | Twins over Angels
Winks: Red Sox over Detroit | Angels over Yankees

Championship Series
James: Red Sox over Yankees
Gweedo: Red Sox over Rangers
Wegs: Red Sox over Twins
Turtle: Twins over Red Sox
Winks: Red Sox over Angels

Stay tuned for the National League


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