Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 National League Predictions

Yesterday, we put our thoughts on how the American League would end up. Today, we've got our National League predictions. There's legit thought here...not just "BREWERS ALL THE WAY!"

James: Phillies
Gweedo: Phillies
Wegs: Braves
Turtle: Phillies
Winks: Phillies

James: Brewers
Gweedo: Cardinals
Wegs: Brewers
Turtle: Cardinals
Winks: Brewers

James: Giants
Gweedo: Padres
Wegs: Rockies
Turtle: Rockies
Winks: Rockies

Wild Card
James: Braves
Gweedo: Brewers
Wegs: Phillies
Turtle: Brewers
Winks: Braves

Divisional Playoffs
James: Phillies over Giants | Braves over Brewers
Gweedo: Phillies over Brewers | Cardinals over Padres
Wegs: Rockies over Braves | Brewers over Phillies
Turtle: Phillies over Brewers | Rockies over Cardinals
Winks: Brewers over Braves | Phillies over Rockies

Championship Series
James: Phillies over Braves
Gweedo: Phillies over Cardinals
Wegs: Rockies over Brewers
Turtle: Phillies over Rockies
Winks: Phillies over Brewers

Stay tuned for the World Series and Post-Season Awards predictions as well as some Miscellaneous Observations.


Chris said...

Kind of surprised no one has the Reds taking the Central...

James said...

It was really hard. It basically came down for me was the Wild Card decision, the Braves are too good of a team to not make the playoffs, but the Phillies are also going to make it, essentially give one playoff spot to either the Reds, Brewers, or Cardinals. I am not completely sold on the Reds pitching, Arroyo is getting old, Volquez and Cueto are hit or miss, Wood and Bailey are young.

Turtle said...

My decision was a simple one and came down to the fact that I thought the Reds had an atypical season and I have no confidence that they can repeat that performance. Baker's going to ruin someone's arm and Chapman is the young stud (much like Mark Prior was with the Cubs under Dusty).

I'm guessing he was the one who deuced in Dusty's favorite spot in the dugout before Baker's last game in Chicago.

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