Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 World Series and Post-Season Awards Predictions

So, we've laid out the World Series match-ups and now we're going to reveal the winners along with some post-season awards and some miscellaneous observations. Let's just start this go-around with some awards.

American League MVP
James: Carl Crawford (Red Sox)
Gweedo: Adrian Gonzalez (Red Sox)
Wegs: Joe Mauer (Twins)
Turtle: Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)
Winks: Adrian Gonzalez (Red Sox)

National League MVP
James: Carlos Gonzales (Rockies)
Gweedo: Prince Fielder (Brewers)
Wegs: Carlos Gonzales (Rockies)
Turtle: Ryan Howard (Phillies)
Winks: Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies)

American League Cy Young
James: David Price (Rays)
Gweedo: Justin Verlander (Tigers)
Wegs: Brett Anderson (Athletics)
Turtle: Francisco Liriano (Twins)
Winks: Felix Hernandez (Mariners)

National League Cy Young
James: Tommy Hanson (Braves)
Gweedo: Roy Halladay (Phillies)
Wegs: Roy Halladay (Phillies)
Turtle: Josh Johnson (Marlins)
Winks: Tim Lincecum (Giants)

American League Manager of the Year
James: Terry Francona (Red Sox)
Gweedo: Ozzie Guillen (White Sox)
Wegs: Bob Geren (Athletics)
Turtle: Mike Scioscia (Angels)
Winks: Jim Leyland (Tigers)

National League Manager of the Year
James: Ron Roenicke (Brewers)
Gweedo: Bud Black (Padres)
Wegs: Fredi Gonzalez (Braves)
Turtle: Mike Quade (Cubs)
Winks: Ron Roenicke (Brewers)

And now, the coup de grĂ¢ce...

World Series
James: Red Sox over Phillies
Gweedo: Red Sox over Phillies
Wegs: Red Sox over Rockies
Turtle: Phillies over Twins
Winks: Red Sox over Phillies

The Red Sox and Phillies are wicked FACKED!

The Most Disappointing American League Player
James: Johnny Damon & Manny Rameriz (Rays)
Gweedo: Neftali Feliz (Rangers)
Wegs: Adrian "Don't Touch My HEAD" Beltre (Rangers)
Turtle: Robinson Cano (Yankees)
Winks: Joe Mauer (Twins)

The Most Disappointing National League Player
James: Any Pirates Player (naturally) and Kyle Loshe (Cardinals)
Gweedo: Jayson Werth (Nationals)
Wegs: Joey Votto (Reds)
Turtle: Joey Votto (Reds)
Winks: Cliff Lee (Phillies)

The "I need to have documentation that I said this prior to the start of the season." Comments

Come the end of the 2011 season, the BRATWURST will be the victorious sausage.
Team to watch: the Show Buckwalters er, the Baltimore Orioles. Team finally has some bright spots to look forward to...especially A LOT of available money in 2012.
Loshe won't be able to stand the heat with Wainwright out and the Rays can't maintain their productivity.

A banged up Phillies team is going to leave the door open to the Braves.
The Brewers will start the season on an even keel and once Hart and Greinke are back in the fold, they'll explode in May like '08.

If I could, I'd nominate Joey Votto twice for most disappointing player.
I couldn't give the Yankees a playoff spot with this rotation. They'll have to trade for AT LEAST one arm and even that won't guarantee the Wild Card for Alex Rodriguez is King Douche.

I don't think that the Brewers get the Wild Card this year. Either they are going to be the team that we are hoping they are, or they're going to get lost in the shuffle. Therefore, because I'm a homer, they have to win the Central to make the playoffs. I'm high-ish on the Braves, so they get the Wild Card spot.
In the AL, I think the Rays are going to actually lead the AL East for awhile and maybe into July, but it's money over talent and the Sox and Yanks will both get in.
Neither of last year's World Series teams get back to the postseason.
(He also said that I am awesome.)

And there you have it, now, shoot holes in it and tell us how ridiculous or overly conservative it is or how we're nay-sayers or how much you like my hair cut.


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Orioles, 4-0. Justsayin'

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