Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boykins Leads Another Bucks Rout

I don't know what the Bucks are trying to do to me right now, because I'm starting to fall back in love with this team, and starting to think that maybe this season isn't over just quite yet. That's the kind of thing that will happen when you blow out two teams in a row and put yourself a game and a half back of the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. Granted, the teams that they beat were the lowly Wizards and the dreadful Cavs, but no matter who you're playing anytime that you put two wins together that's considered a winning streak. It's something that the Bucks desperately need right now, and to win these two games in such a convincing fashion bodes well for this team.

Unfortunately, I really do think that it was because of the caliber of the teams that the Bucks were playing why Milwaukee was able to win by such large margins, including Wednesday's 110-90 win over Cleveland. But I could be wrong, perhaps by staying close against a Boston team on national television even with a multitude of injuries the Bucks realized they were a pretty good team (similar to what happened to the Packers in December? Hmmmm? Anyone want to take me up on that stretch of a comparison?). Even still, you begin to think that once this team gets a little more healthy (Corey Maggette, Ersan Ilyasova, Drew Gooden, and even Michael Redd are all set to return soon enough) and combine that with a weak schedule ahead, playoffs are a very real possibility for this team even though they are in fact 13 games under .500.

I'm not sure quite how they'll get there if they make the playoffs, but I was a little surprised at how Scott Skiles managed the minutes on Wednesday night. About halfway through the first quarter, the lineup of Boykins, Dooling, Brockman, CDR, and Sanders took the floor and didn't seem to relinquish it until midway through the second. For whatever reason (number one though most likely being the quality of their opponent) this lineup was working, led by Earl Boykins and his 18 points. That was just the start of it though. Besides newcomer Earl Barron, who played in just the final 4:21, every Buck that saw the floor saw anywhere from 18 to 30 minutes of time. Actually besides Carlos Delfino (18 minutes) and John Salmons (30 minutes), every Buck that saw the floor saw somewhere between 21 to 24 minutes of time. To me, that this is one of the deepest teams in the league or that everyone is just equally mediocre. Not sure yet what I've decided.

With these two wins in the past two nights, the Bucks are now just 1 1/2 games back of that eighth seed. The Pacers and Bobcats are the teams that they are chasing, and both of them lost on Wednesday. Again, I don't know. I still stand by the notion that I'd rather the Bucks make the playoffs as the eighth seed then just miss the playoffs as the nine or ten and get a bottom end lottery pick. We'll find out just how good this team is in the next four games as they have to take on Philly, Boston, Atlanta, and Orlando - all playoff teams if the season ended today. I think the Bucks just need to go 2-2 in that stretch to stay in their current position, and then ride out some easier parts of the schedule from there.

The only other thing that I wanted to chime in about Wednesday night's game was that I am still mad at the usher that made me show her my ticket during halftime. I attended the game and had some pretty good seats, but when I came back after a halftime jaunt to the restroom, the usher beelined to me and made me show out the ticket. Perhaps I'm not the type of guy that appears worthy of sitting in such good seats, I'm not sure. Maybe if the Bucks staff doesn't want people sneaking down to better seats as the usher assumed that I did then the team should stop sucking so bad and be able to draw better. But I digress. Bucks play next on Saturday against the Sixers, followed by another Sunday night affair against Boston in Boston.


Gweedo said...

Winks dude you took my article right from under me. While I was sleeping thinking about what to write you just go, and write it. I think we are getting to be to a like. Click the link above if you want to see how they are comparing the Heat to the Packers.

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