Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bucks Have Their Own March Madness

I'm not sure what got into the Milwaukee Bucks lately, but they are starting to look like a NBA team again. Milwaukee won its third straight game Saturday night, as they blew out the 76ers 102-74. Five Bucks scored in double figures, and three other Bucks scored eight or more. The win was sealed in the second half when Milwaukee played awesome defense, holding the 76ers to 33 points.

Milwaukee is now only a half game out of the 8th seed, and will play the Celtics tonight. The two teams they are competing with are the Pacers, who are on a cold streak right now, and the Bobcats, who have always been an up and down team. The Pacers are taking on the Knicks Sunday, so a Bucks win could really get them into the 8th seed.

The man you see pictured, Larry Sanders, is really starting to come around as of late also. He played 26 minutes and had 8 points, 5 blocks, and 4 rebounds. If he can put up numbers like that off the bench it would be a real help. Another guy that is coming up big during this recent winning stretch is Earl Boykins, and the Bucks really need the bench to stay strong.

Milwaukee is now 26-38 on the season, but they will have a tough three game stretch coming up here. They have the Celtics on Sunday, the Hawks on Tuesday, and then the Magic on Wednesday. I really think these three games might make the difference in this season. If they can win one or two of these games they will give themselves a good chance at making the playoffs. Also it would be nice to see them beat the Celtics tonight, because as of right now they are the top seed in the East. Game is set for 5pm on FSN Wisconsin.


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