Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bucks Make 11,364 People Happy

Bucks vs. Pistons. Not your most attractive game on the NBA schedule for Tuesday night. This was the battle for second to last in the Central division, because clearly the Cavs had last place wrapped up the minutes LeBron said "South Beach". But still, 11,364 brave people decided to show up for this one at the Bradley Center, and the two teams at least treated people to a good game. It came right down to the wire, but the Bucks were able to pull this one out 92-90. It was a game that saw Brandon Jennings play his heart out, and  it paid off in the end. Jennings had a huge block with about 16 seconds to go on a Will Bynum three point shot. If that shot would have went in it would have put the Pistons up by one. This Pistons kept the ball after the block, but Austin Daye took a fade away three that hit front iron. Jennings made two free throws to put the game away for good, and the Bucks earned a rare victory.

Milwaukee put a new starting five on the court Tuesday night in hopes of mixing things up a bit. Jennings, Salmons, and Delfino were joined by Jon Brockman and Larry Sanders. This is how bad it has got for the Bucks, because both Ilyasova and Bogut were out for the game. Bogut is looking like he will miss at least a week, so I think Sanders might get a few more starts. If he is hurt, why don't they just shut down Bogut for the season you ask? I have no clue, but I have been asking myself that for a month now. Sanders and Brockman did well on the glass, but not so hot on the offensive side. Brockman did have 8 rebounds, although 7 of them were defensive. He might be playing as much in the future if Mbah a Moute gets better from his flu symptoms.

The Bucks did do their fair share of scoring, as it was mainly the guards spread the scoring around as Jennings lead the way with 21 points. Delfino had 16, Salmons finished with 14, Dooling threw in 12, and Maggette chipped in 11. Those five were able to make some shots, but 92 points is still a low total. All five of those guys also hit at least one three pointer. Milwaukee shot 13-23 from the free throw line, which is awful for any team. They are lucky that didn't hurt them in this one.

Detroit saw the return of Richard Hamilton to the lineup, but you could tell he was rusty. He finished 4-17 from the field, and only finished with ten points. Rodney Stuckey, another guy who missed a game during the Pistons' "boycott" finished with a team high 25 points. This Pistons team needs to rebuild and move on from the Hamilton/Prince years. That's easy. The Bucks on the other hand, well I have no clue what they need to do. Maybe they just need an offseason, and some time to clear their heads.

Milwaukee is now 23-36 on the season, and with the big win Tuesday night are now over .500 at home with a 15-14 record. They are still four games back from the 8th seed in the East, so maybe, maybe there is still a chance. I guess I just don't see why they'd even want to make the playoffs though, as they would get worked in the first round no matter who they'd play. Milwaukee has the Suns at home Friday night at 7:30 central time. I really hope I have to work that night at my new bouncing gig so that I don't end up watching the game out of boredom. Hopefully you find an excuse not to watch the game as well.


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