Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Bucky Channel Bracket Challenge (Day 2) Update

Ok, who had VCU or Butler in the final game? Well, that's what you're gonna have folks. On top of that, there are no #1 seeds, ZERO. Virginia Commonwealth DOMINATED Kansas and Kentucky took out North Carolina.

The 2011 Final Four is set at (4) Kentucy vs. (3) Connecticut and (11) Virginia Commonwealth vs. (8) Butler. Take that Jay Bilas. Actually, we all need to shut-up because NO ONE had anything close to this result on the right hand side of the bracket...well, perhaps a few secretaries in Richmond.

On a side note, I have more than a few friends who are VCU graduates...the text message quantity and quality is getting close to over-bearing but they put up with the Super Bowl talk (which is on-going, thank you) so I'll forgive them.

  1. James maintains with 67 points thanks to 38 correct but he's done
  2. Sherry sticks at 64 off 34 and is done as well
  3. Nick is cemented with his 60 off 38
  4. Kyle is done with 59 off 38 and Tiffany jumps up and finishes at 59 off 33
  5. Bart sticks around with his 57 off 34 but is still alive thanks to his UConn choice
  6. Joe is also done at 56 off 34
  7. Elliot, Patrick, Justin & Stanley share this spot with 55 points and have are cashed out
ACTUALLY, Bart is the ONLY one who still has a chance to move-up so good luck to him.

I'm not looking forward to hearing all the "OHMIGOD, VCU made it?!??!" or "OHMIGOD, Butler did it again?!???!" talk this week. It's like Super Bowl week all over, only we're not going to be enjoying it as much...well, not as many of us.


Anonymous said...

So...since James is ahead of me in the standings and since Bart is the only one (I believe) that can still pull out a win....does this mean I get THE SHIRT???!!!! I'm a size small, by the way. Thanks!!

Sherry said...

^ -Sherry

Winks said...

I am rooting against myself. I picked UCONN as my team in January, but then when it came time to fill out the money pools I took Kansas in two, Ohio St in another, and then also Duke. The one I actually took UCONN in I am ineligble to win a prize!?!?! I suck at this stuff.

Good luck though!

James said...

Yawwwn, whatever, I'll just enjoy the top.

Atlanta Roofing said...

This time of year I just like to point out the inconsistencies from people who think a single elimination tourney is some supremely fair and balanced and perfect way of picking a “champion.” Especially when you consider teams are picked and more importantly seeded by a largely anonymous group who answer to no one and provide absolutely no reasoning to justify their actions. In this respect the BCS seems like an open book in comparison.

Turtle said...

Winks, you win the opportunity to design the t-shirt.

Congrats and by the way, had you come in last place, you still would have won this awesome prize.

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