Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bucky Channel Bracket Challenge Sweet Sixteen (Day 1) Update

Ugh...Bucky...another ugly showing in the Sweet Sixteen. Definitely a disappointing end to another exciting season for Bo's Brood. Ice cold shooting and tough Butler defense spelled doom for Skonnie. Even with the furious, late comeback, the first 30 minutes was the real killer. Leuer fouled out with 3 points...that pretty much says it all right there.

In other news, Duke was bitch-slapped by Arizona. Not many saw that coming as after the final came in, the standings didn't move a lot. Speaking of which...let's take a look...

  1. Me...still...with 52 points off 36 correct picks
  2. James, Kyle and Stanley with 51 points off 35, 36 and 35 picks respectively
  3. Craig with 50 off 35
  4. Sherry with 48 off 34
  5. Elliott and Justin with 47 off 34
The fun starts back up at 7:15 PM ET with (11) Marquette squaring off against (2) North Carolina,

Well, still a lot of games remaining folk...still anyone's game.


James Smizek said...

I'm coming for you.

Turtle said...

So is everyone else ;)

James Smizek said...

Sherry is my co-worker/desk mate, she forgot about it/was surprised she was doing that well. Craig is her better half, he probably also has forgotten about it.

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