Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Bucky Channel Bracket Challenge Sweet Sixteen (Day 2) Update

Upsets and unfortunate results marked Friday's results. Marquette got schooled, Ohio State got bounced and VCU slipped on Cinderella's stank-ass shoes.

Again, the leader board didn't move a lot but James is certainly poised to claim the number 1 slot. Unfortunately for him, this contest only runs through the Sweet Sixteen as no one really cares what happens from now on, right? Ah, screw it, I'm not prize eligible anyway so we'll keep it going a little while longer.

Leaderboard through the Round of Sixteen
  1. Me...for now with 60 points off 38 correct...Kansas is my only horse left
  2. James & Kyle with 59 points...both have more than 1 team left
  3. Sherry with 56 off 36
  4. Elliot, Justin & Stanley with 55 off 36
  5. Craig & Tyler with 54 off 36 predicted, my tenuous hold on the top spot is as fragile as ever.

The Badgers are out, Marquette is out but the tournament is turning out to be more competitive than I had anticipated. This weekend's game should hold true to this trend.

The games start with (8) Butler taking on (2) Florida at 4:30 PM (ET) and will continue with (5) Arizona matching-up against (3) Connecticut at 7:05 PM (ET).


James said...

Also not prize eligible. But fact: TBC knows their shit. Unless you're Bart.. smooth showing.

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