Friday, March 11, 2011

Congrats to Bart Winkler

Look at that stud (the second one from the left aka the one that is balding) doing it all. He can write a blog, he can announce High School basketball games, he can sell triple plays at Charter like no other, but now he will be the new voice of Fond du Lac radio. That's right, the days of selling triple plays to people in Alabama are now over for Bart Winkler. He is now a full time voice for KFIZ and K107.1 in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. So it might be a little slow here at the BC for a few days while he makes the transition, but you've come to expect that by now. So next time you are in the Lac flip to K107.1, and you might just hear your boy Bart on the radio doing what he has always dreamed of doing.

Personally for me, thank god I will no longer have to put up with the rages from a bad day at Charter. I hope Bart the best of luck with his new job, and I hope he comes home happy everyday (we are roommates... not that there's anything wrong with that). Again congrats man for being able to do what you wanted to do for so long. Good luck, and just remember it is always better if you say the right team name that is playing.


Turtle said...

No, we are not converting to The Fondy worries all.

Winks said...

Awww Geoff, you're so sweet.

Unknown said...

So I don't know why this bothers me. But aka means also known as.... So I don't really think younkers it correctly in this post. I think you could say aka rage o bot. But you tried to use it in describing where somebody sat. You could have said "if you still don't know he is the bald one". But yes you have used aka incorrectly.

And yes I realize I'm a complete dbag for even posting this...but hey i have to keep you in check even if I live in Florida.

Ps contests bartie'

Unknown said...

Also I should look at my autocorrect more! Dang you autocorrect!

Winks said...

Lisa you haven't left a comment on here in like three years and when you do it's to debate the merits of "aka"? Haha, good to have you back. My only request is that you write your comments in English next time so that I can understand them. Thanks!

B said...

thats a bad photo, doesn't have your real brother in the shot.

darkschner said...

Does this also mean your days as the town lush are over? JK, congrats bud.

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