Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Greinke Goes Down... Playing Basketball

Coming off of a weekend where Wisconsin sports were decimated by the sport of basketball, the creation of Jimmy Naismith decided to strike one more blow to the Badger state on Tuesday. While it was previously disclosed that Brewers pitcher Zack Greinke had suffered an off the court injury prior to Spring Training, it's now been revealed that injury came while playing a game of pickup basketball, an injury which has been deemed a hairline fracture in one of his ribs. The injury will likely put Greinke on the shelf to start the season, as the dinged up ribs are expected to keep the Brewers from showing off their new toy until probably mid-April.

The injury comes as kind of a surprise, as Greinke has already made two appearances for the Brewers in Spring Training. But the diagnosis came on Tuesday after Greinke was feeling some lingering discomfort and had the team doctors check him out. He'll probably miss about two to three weeks, which I don't think will dampen the Brewers playoff hopes for this season too much, but it is a setback. How big of a setback it will be will be determined by whoever replaces him in the starting rotation, and there's really no obvious candidate for that right now. Mark Rogers was a candidate, but he's been having shoulder problems, and I think Manny Parra is in permanent relief mode at this point, but we'll see.

One person who will not be taking over Greinke's spot for the interim is Takashi Saito, even though he was given a start today against his former mates in the Los Angeles Dodgers. Saito just pitched the one inning giving up one run (a homer to Tony Gwynn Jr. of all people), but the Dodgers would cross the plate six more times en route to a 7-1 victory. The highlight of the game though was a bench clearing brawl at the end of the sixth, which occurred when Casey McGehee struck out with the bases loaded at the end of the sixth. Dodgers reliever Ramon Colon fist pumped in joy, McGehee's feelings were hurt, and then everyone came out to the mound to talk about it. Good times.

Next up for the Crew is a game against the Diamondbacks on Wednesday afternoon. Next up for me is trying to figure out how far Greinke should/will fall in my fantasy draft this weekend.


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