Friday, March 25, 2011

Hardest Friday Night of My Life

This is going to be a tough Friday night for me as Marquette will be taking on UNC, and the winner will earn a trip to the Elite Eight. I have watched both these teams all year, as they are my two favorite teams in college basketball. Now they will be facing off, and who will I root for? I still don't know what I'm going to do, but all I know is that I will be watching a good game.

UNC has a young team with tons of talent, and Marquette has a team of plays with a lot of heart. UNC has two guys down low, Tyler Zeller and John Henson. Both have unbelievable wing spans, and Marquette will have its hands full guarding them.

Marquette is all about the three goggles, and if they are hitting their threes that could create problems for UNC. As I said before I love watching the Tar Heels, but they have a problem guarding the outside shot. It seems like a lot of teams have had a field day from outside against UNC. Basically everyone but Otule and Gardner can shoot the trey for this Marquette team. So if they are to get down, they could still go on a run and come back if they are hitting from deep. 

UNC will roll in this game if Marquette has an off night shooting, or if the "Big Three" get in foul trouble for Marquette. Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall have to play well in the back court for UNC. If they can outplay Marquette's back court it could be over early. I really don't see a blowout, but if it is going to happen it will be UNC blowing out Marquette. If Marquette blows out UNC, I don't know how bad UNC will have to play for that to happen, but I hope to not see it.

I see this being some what of a high scoring game. The Tar Heels love to run up and down the court, and Marquette can play up tempo too at times. I guess I have to go with the better seed and pick UNC. The only thing that will be different for North Carolina is this is the first time they will be playing outside of their home state in two weeks. They only have to go north to New Jersey, but still you will lose some fans because of the travel. Also they are going into Big East country, so maybe the fans there will back Marquette. My score for this one is going to be UNC 85 Marquette 79.

Either way, I'm proud of what Marquette has done with season with the kids they have from junior colleges. I'm also very excited about the season UNC had after going to the NIT last year. Both teams had great seasons, and one of them will get to play again Sunday. Who will it be? I don't know, but either way I'll have a team I enjoy watching in the Elite Eight.

Quick projections on the the other games:

Ohio State 84 Kentucky 70. Because Ohio State is a really good team.

Kansas 70 Richmond 63. But I really want Richmond to win this game.

Florida State 65 VCU 62. Both these teams have shocked everyone so far, and congrats to either team that continues to shock the basketball world.


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