Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kings Take It to "Buckqueens"

It has been this type of season where the Bucks have been the receiver, and not the giver. In crunch time, trying to make the playoffs, the Bucks went out and had a weak second half onWednesday night. Milwaukee fell three games out of the 8th seed with a 97-90 choke job against the Kings. Milwaukee played very well in the first half scoring 56 points, but only scored 34 in the second.

Carlos Delfino was a one man show in this one, as he finished with 30 points for the Bucks. Larry Sanders played 15 minutes, and put up 10 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Brandon Jennings and John Salmons combined for a 5-for-21 shooting night, and only scored 14 combined points. We are paying them big bucks to make plays in big games, and that didn't happen on Wednesday.

Free throws were the difference maker in this game. Both teams shot around the 45% mark, but the Kings made ten more free throws than the Bucks. Milwaukee was relying on the jump shot a lot, and that backfired in the second half. With the Kings big men looking for blocks you would have thought the Bucks could attack the hoop, and get to the line. This team just really doesn't make sense to me sometimes.

We can all be thankful we have the Badgers tonight, and then Marquette to watch Friday night. At least we know there is some decent basketball being played in this state. As for the Bucks, they are back at it against the Knicks on Friday night at 6:30 central time. The Knicks are sitting in the 7th seed right now, but are also having a hard time winning games. I feel like I have seen a team get new players, and have a hard time learning to play together before. Shades of the Miami Heat if you ask me. But don't let their struggles fool you, the Knicks will be a team to be wrecking with come playoff time. And the way it's going right now it doesn't look like that is something the Bucks will have to worry about.


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