Wednesday, March 2, 2011

McGehee's Homers, Cubs Errors, Help Crew Win

Casey McGehee is going to be sleeping well tonight. Shortly after becoming the last unsigned Milwaukee Brewer to sign a contract with the club, McGehee went out and blasted two home runs against his former team, the Chicago Cubs. The two home runs may have been a message to the Brewers that they did they right thing by locking him up this season, or it may have been a warning sign to the club that he is looking for a longer contract. McGehee wants to remain a Brewer for years to come, but the Brewers weren't ready to work out a long term deal just yet. The club instead signed him to a one-year deal for 2011, although McGehee still has hopes about negotiating an extension throughout the season.

In the meantime though, McGehee did all he really can do at this point, and that is to go out and do what he's getting paid to do. What he did was have one of his best performances at the plate in his career, and it's a shame that it occurred in March. McGehee had two homers and a single, collecting four RBI in the process. His performance at the plate helped the Brewers beat the Cubs for the second time this Spring, as the Crew was victorious by a 12-5 margin.

The win was obviously fueled by another offensive explosion by the Brewers, but you'll see that more often than not in Spring Training. Besides McGehee, the other reason for the Milwaukee victory was that we saw the Cubs implosion come earlier than ever this year. The Cubs had a total of five errors in this outing, three of those coming in the first inning. The first inning also saw Carlos Silva give up two home runs (one to McGehee, one to Luis Cruz), and the defensive problems led to a skirmish in the dugout between Silva and Aramis Ramirez. "Winning" seems to be the word of the week right now, and I'd say that this was a winning day for the Brewers on all accounts.

Next up for Milwaukee is a 2:05pm matchup against the Oakland A's on Thursday.


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