Sunday, March 27, 2011

Melvin Deals for Morgan, Mitre

Anyone that put together a prediction for the Brewers 25-man roster earlier this Spring is going to have at least two of those predictions turn out to be wrong, as Doug Melvin has traded for two guys that I didn't even know were ever even on his radar. First, Melvin shipped outfielder Chris Dickerson to the Yankees for reliever Sergio Mitre. Then on Sunday morning Melvin dipped back into his minor league pool and sent Cutter Dykstra to the Nationals for Nyjer Morgan. The moves are clearly in response to some of the injuries the Brewers will have to start the season (Zach Greinke, Corey Hart, etc...), as well as our general manager's desire to put the best team on the field that he can.

I know the general feeling is to maybe ease off on the postseason talk because of the injuries that are going to hamper the Brewers in the early part of the season, and it seems Melvin is trying to get as much depth as he can in that locker room to make sure the Brewers aren't playing catchup to start the year. You'll hear no complaining from me in response to the moves, and honestly I can't remember the last time a Brewers GM was this aggressive right before the start of the season (which starts on Thursday, OMG!) Even with the moves, it appears that Carlos Gomez will still be the starting centerfielder, although I'd wager that a platoon between him and Morgan is the most likely outcome. Mitre figures to take up a bullpen spot for the entire season, barring injury.


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