Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

My heart feels that this Marquette team can be good, but I just can't get my mind to feel the same way. It seems that whenever they need a big win they just can't do it. On the other hand, this team doesn't really have a bad loss, so why would they not get in the big dance? Whether they make it or not, this team is just taking a strange route to the tournament. It seems that everyone is saying eleven Big East teams will make it, and that would make Marquette the last Big East team in. So what seed will they get? Well, I think that will be decided how many Big East Tourney games they win.

Wednesday night was senior night, and Jimmy Butler was the only guy that got excited for this one. Butler is one of the few seniors on this team, along with Dwight Buycks, Robert Frozena, and Joseph Fulce. Jimmy Butler scored half of Marquette's points, but it wasn't enough as Cincinnati beat them 67-60. Darius Johnson-Odom scored 15 points, but really no one else came to play. It is a shame even while they needed this game, nobody really cared enough to give it their best effort.

That is why this team scares me even if they make the tournament. Will this team even put up a fight in a game that is a win or go home game? Maybe Buzz will put a fire under these guys, and they will shock people. If they would have won this game then finished with a win at Seton Hall they could have got a bye in the Big East tourney. Instead, as it stands now they will play Tuesday in the first round. Then again anything could happen in the final regular season game, so maybe they will still get a bye. Only time will tell, but this team is really frustrating me right now. Kind of reminds me of another team that plays in the Bradley Center.

(Winks edit: Hey, the Badgers won on Thursday at least!)


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