Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rough Night for the Badgers

Even Mike Bruesewitz took a little nap during this sleeper of a basketball game on Friday night as Penn State beat the Badgers 36-33 in Friday's Big Ten Tourney match up. I guess all I could think about when I was watching this game was during in my senior year of high school, our boys basketball team went to state. They got down early, and then fought back to make it close all game. It came down the final shot, and just like back in 2002 my team was on the short end of the shot. The only problem is what we watched last night was a college basketball game where the team I rooted for scored just 33 points. Comparing that style of play to a high school program that was based on stalling the clock does not bode well for the Badgers.

This is the lowest point total for Wisconsin all year, with the next lowest being the 50 points they scored against Manhattan. I'm sure in that game the bench was playing most of the second half, because that was the fourth game of the year. Even if the Badgers were holding back a bit before the real tourney gets underway next weekend, 33 points is an embarrassing number. Regardless, the Badgers will be playing Thursday or Friday of next week in the NCAA tournament. I'm not sure what seed they are looking at, but I would guess either a 4 or a 5 come Sunday night. You might ask me how far I am going to ride this team in the big dance, and I'm saying that this will be the last section of the bracket I pick. Alright, alright I'll stop being a baby, and lets go with Badgers get to the sweet 16.


Tony Brown said...

Pretty horrendous, reminiscent of the 43-32 loss to Southwest Missouri State in the tourney about a decade ago. So better that it happened this Friday than next Friday. One thing to worry about, though is if this slips us to a 5 seed. You know those 5/12 games always provide upsets. What could be even worse is if we have to play one of those teams in the new 12/12 play in game. Then we'll face a team with some momentum having only a couple days of full preparation. That could be trouble.

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