Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Always Up For Some Packers News

So we still have a lockout in the NFL, but that shouldn't detract us from forgetting who the Super Bowl Champions are. I know no one has really forgot, but I still love to talk about it at any chance possible. And with the draft coming right around the corner, the conversation about the Green Bay Packers will hopefully pick back up.

As far as the draft goes, what will Ted do with the 32nd pick in the first round? I have no clue, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him trade a down a little bit. Cameron Heyward, a defensive end from Ohio State, seems to be the hot pick on mock drafts. When is the last time you saw Ted Thompson take a guy that was a hot pick in the mock drafts though, so I still don't even know if I believe this one. If Cullen Jenkins is really gone, which I think he will be, defensive end would be a must in this draft. I guess we will have to wait till Thursday, April 28th to see who we'll get.

Elsewhere, Aaron Rodgers is in the final four of the Madden Cover vote. He is facing Peyton Hillis right now to maybe have a chance to reach the finals. If he does make it to the final vote he will face either Adrian Peterson or Michael Vick. I have never been one to say that Madden Cover curse is a for sure thing, but I wouldn't mind seeing Rodgers on the cover. The only other Packer to be on the cover is Brett Favre, but he was actually Jet that season just wearing a Packer jersey. So good luck to Rodgers, and if you want to vote click here.

The regular season schedule will come out soon, but as of now the Packers know who they will be playing in preseason. The only game that has a time and date is a national TV game against the Colts, and that will be August 26th, 6pm Central. It's the third game of the season which is usually the best game of the preseason, because that's the game in which the starters play the most. The Packers will open preseason in Cleveland, and will play the second and fourth weeks of preseason at home. They will face the Arizona in week two at home, and Kansas City to wrap up the preseason at home. That will be nice, because we know the Packers will play the first game of the regular season at home on Thursday night against someone. If I had to pick a team that'd I think they'd play against I would say the Saints, because that would be a highly rated game.

Other than that the fans are waiting for both the players and owners to agree on something. I really hope something is figured out soon, and the draft can be held with no problems. I just want to see the Packers at the White House with Obama, so I don't have to keep watching it in my Madden seasons.


Turtle said...

I like Rodgers flying under the radar as much as possible. Plus, that's the type of guy he is. I'd bet that if he were completely honest, he'd prefer not to be on the cover of Madden. Also, if he is on the cover, the only acceptable pose is him beltificating after a touchdown.

Feel free to vote, but vote for someone else. I'm not saying I believe in the Madden Curse silliness but I also am not willing to take any chances.

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