Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brew Crew Haiku

The Brewers game wasn't on TV today, so I didn't watch it. I was busy at work, so I didn't get to hear much of it. I wasn't at the game, so I definitely didn't see it. For those reasons, I'm going to refrain on writing a recap about their 7-6 loss to the Reds tonight (real reason: girlfriend is coming over to watch American Idol), but I will say this much - is it time to start to get worried about Yovani Gallardo yet? I know that we as Wisconsin sports fans like to panic whenever possible, but even a somewhat decent start from him would be all it would take to put my mind at ease about the situation.

Yovani struggles
Part of great staff, but with holes
Please demote Sean Green

POTG: I'm not sure. Suggestions welcome.


Mark said...

Rickie Weeks. Single, double, sac fly, clutch HBP. (Somehow Rickie has the clutch HBP skill.) Tied the game late and helped set up two other rallies. Easy call.

James said...

POTG: Weeks, 2 runs, two hits, took one for the team.

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