Monday, April 4, 2011

Brewers Start 0-4, World Explodes

As a diehard Brewers fan, knowing Doug Melvin essentially went "all-in" for the 2011 season put me "all-in" emotionally.  Those emotions aren't good ones right now, but its early, I mean really, what team doesn't go on a four game losing streak in a season?  It just so happens to be the first four games of the year, against teams that will be playing in October.  In case you've missed them, here are some quick recaps of the past days action.

Saturday, April 2nd

Reds 4, Brewers 2

The Reds jumped out to a 4-0 lead at the end of the second and never looked back.  Reds starter Travis Wood looked simply fantastic pitching 7 innings of four hit, one run ball, all while striking out seven.  The Brewers got on the board in the fifth on a solo home-run by Erick Almonte but could never get anything going. Marcum got the start for the Brewers and was roughed up in the first two, giving up two runs in the first and second innings.  He settled down for the last 2.2 IP, but never looked to have the stuff you would be expecting from him.  Sergio Mitre pitched two scoreless innings out of the bullpen, if you're looking for a silver lining.  Again, it's early.

Stock up:  Erick Almonte got the Brewers on the board, but just wasn't enough.  Zach Braddock struck out the only batter he faced.
Stock down:  Yuniesky Betancourt still has shown no signs of life, in the field, or at the plate.

POTG: Erick Almonte (1)

Sunday, April 3rd

Reds 12, Brewers 3

Rickie Weeks got the fun started early on another lead-off home run, but that was about all Milwaukee fans had to cheer about in this one.  Johnny Gomes tied it up in the second on a solo shot, Brandon Phillips jacked a three run shot in the fifth, and Ryan Hannigan added two home runs, one in the fifth, and one in the seventh.  On the mound Randy Wolf looked a lot like last seasons early Randy Wolf.  No control, no velocity, a lot of questions.  Wolf lasted only four innings, giving up six on ten hits. 

Stock up:  Casey McGehee got back on track a bit with two hits.
Stock down:  Carlos Gomez still shows us why he is Carlos Gomez.

POTG: Rickie Weeks (2)

Monday, April 4th

Braves 2, Brewers 1

After a 0-3 start, everyone knew coming home would be good for the Crew, hell the WORLD Champion Green Bay Packers threw out the first pitch, but how would Narveson bode when the pitches count?  Answer: Great.  Narveson went six shutout innings of great ball.  He walked three, but his command was there giving up only three hits.   The Brewers got on the board in the third on a (surprise, surprise) solo home run by Rickie Weeks, but could never get anything going.  Milwaukee couldn't take advantage of a scoring chance in the fourth, putting runners on second and third with one out. Back-to-back strikeouts by Wil Nieves and Narveson ended the inning.  The Brewers handed the ball over to Takashi Saito in the eighth and that's really when it unraveled.  Saito gave up solo home runs to Prado and Uggla giving them a 2-1 lead and they never looked back, winning 2-1 over the Brewers.

Stock up:  Betancourt still swings at some horrible pitches and has no plate discipline, but two hits in todays game might give him a little bit more confidence at the plate.
Stock down:  Wil Nieves showed life with a hit in game one of the season, but struckout twice on bad pitches and left three on base.

POTG: Chris Narveson (1)

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