Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bucks Survivor: Week Two

John Hammond hasn't ruled out a return for Michael Redd to the Bucks, but the readers of The Bucky Channel definitely say it's time for the Olympian to put on a new jersey. Out of the 14 Bucks that remain on the roster, Michael Redd is the first one off of Bucks Survivor, but for the second year in a row. I think that Redd does have some value on this team, perhaps maybe as a sixth man. Problem is, the Bucks roster is full of "sixth men", and it's probably time that the two sides part ways. With 38 percent of the vote in this week's Bucks Survivor poll, Michael Redd has been eliminated.

Most all of the Bucks did receive votes to be booted off - although Bogut, Boykins, Delfino, Ilyasova, and Mbah a Moute all had clean sheets on the week. Bucks Survivor will remain in the single elimination format this week, and voting can be done on the right hand side of the blog. Michael Redd was probably the easy choice, so it should be interesting to see who gets the boot this round.


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