Friday, April 1, 2011

The Bucky Channel Bracket Challenge Final Four Update

...or "Let's see if Winks can win"

So...we're looking at (11) Virginia Commonwealth taking on (8) Butler and (4) Kentucky matching up with (3) Connecticut.

Either way, "Cinderella" (God, I hate that term.) will be in the National Championship game. I don't much care for all these analysts saying "This isn't really a 'Cinderella' situation". Of course it is! VCU barely got in and, arguably, shouldn't even be in the tournament. Butler finished second in the Horizon League, beat Old Dominion on a last second basket, beat Pittsburgh thanks to the most ridiculous ending to a basketball game I've ever seen, held on to beat Wisconsin and beat Florida in another close game. Don't get me wrong, both teams have earned their way but you can't tell me that either VCU or Butler is one of the top two teams in all of Division I NCAA basketball.

I am a big VCU fan this weekend thanks to three good friends of mine who are graduates but if they win it all, that would be absolutely ridiculous and a statement on the quality of men's college basketball.

Since Winks is the only one with a horse left in this race, I wanted to give the man his due.

Good luck sir and go RAMS!


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