Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Bucky Channel Bracket Challenge Final Four Update

He did it...Winks won and still has a chance for more points should Calhoun's Corrupt Criminals win Monday night but who...who cares.

The REAL winner is Todd who wins the new The Bucky Channel swag...and perhaps an old swimming trophy if Winks hasn't parted with them yet.

The final standings are as follows:
  1. Winks
  2. James
  3. Todd
  4. Sherry
  5. Nick
  6. Kyle & Tiffany
  7. Joe
  8. Elliot, Justin, Patrick & Stanley
  9. Craig & Tyler
  10. Max
  11. Brock
  12. Brent
  13. Matt
  14. Michael
  15. Wally
  16. Brett & Brian
  17. Anthony
  18. Ian
  19. Chad...bringing up the rear with a big fat "I forgot to hit "'SAVE'."
A big thanks to everyone for playing. Next year we'll get it together much earlier.

Todd, send your A/S/L, I mean information here so your winnings can be sent out.

Congrats to Winks again for being the top guy overall here...although you know what they say about the person who wins a bracket pool, right? "What kind of moron picks those teams???"


James said...

I'll take second, the way I look at it, if Winks didn't exist, I'd be in first. Meh.

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