Friday, April 29, 2011

Cobb Adds to Already Explosive Packers Offense

It's really not fair what the Packers are doing in this draft, but those are the perks when you're the Super Bowl Champions. Quarterbacks are flying off the board as teams scramble to build a new future, GM's across the league are hoping to plug in most of these picks as rookie starters, but the Packers are just adding to an already strong roster by adding pure depth - guys that won't be called on to change the world, but guys that will be given the opportunity to make a big impact.

Add Randall Cobb to that offense, as Ted Thompson swoops in and rescues the remaining player in the green room once again. What the Packers get in Kentucky's Randall Cobb is a number three, number four type receiver that will play increasingly more when either James Jones leaves or Donald Driver retires. Not only that, but they may also have a guy they can plug in at kick returner, which is really the only true "need" for the Packers at this point. We don't need to hope that a guy like Jason Chery comes out of nowhere this year, at this point I'd say the return job is Cobb's to lose.

A comparison for this guy seems to be in the vein of Antwaan Randle-El, as he has similar attributes and similar features. This kid looks like he'll be money out of the slot, and there's a chance that the Packers will actually break out the Wildcat formation for the first time ever with Cobb as the centerpiece. Basically, all you need to know about this kid is that he's a weapon, one that I'm sure that Aaron Rodgers is going to enjoy having at his disposal.

Keep up the good work, Ted.


Jonk said...

Hate the Wildcat, especially when you have a guy like Aaron Rodgers under center normally.

Turtle said...

I'm not sold on the wildcat idea. Why take the ball out of QB1's hands?

I LOVE this guy out of the slot though and with his experience, I think he and ARod will sync up fairly quickly on those back-shoulder routes. Finally, someone will be able to anticipate those coming from Rodgers.

Super excited about this pick-up!

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