Thursday, April 28, 2011

Derek Sherrod, Welcome to Green Bay

Even though 90 percent of the mock drafts had us taking Cameron Heyward out of Ohio State, that prophecy didn't come to fruition as the Steelers took him one spot in front of us. Um, yeah, you can have Heyward, we'll take the Super Bowl rings. We'll also take Derek Sherrod, a tackle from Mississippi State. He appears to be the safest pick that Teddy could take here, and I have no problem with that. By now, we all know that it doesn't matter who Ted takes, we need to respect his decision. He is a football God, and we are all lucky to be his disciples.

As for Sherrod, he's a better pass blocker than a run blocker, and he'll probably at least contend for a starting gig throughout the season. I don't think he'll be a part of the starting five, but he's a quality guy to rotate in and out of the lineup and be a starter for years to come. Pro Bowler? Probably not, but likely a tentpole of this line for years to come.

Kudos to our Lemmy and Turtle for taking him at the 31st pick, and kudos to Roger Goodell to making sure he mentioned that the Packers were "Super Bowl Champions". Ahhh, what a nice weekend to distract us from the fact that a lockout is going on.


Turtle said...
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Turtle said...

I agree that we can't second guess TT but he did draft Justin Harrell. I'm just glad he didn't take Da'Quan Bowers. The guy may be a great player but his knee may also be completely hosed and he'd simply be taking up a roster spot while the team tries to justify the pick...just like they've done with Harrell.

The Real fun starts tonight though...this is where Ted SHINES!

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