Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun at the Expense of the NCAA

So, I got an e-mail from the NCAA regarding a "FanCam" which apparently took super high-def pictures of almost the entire crowd at Reliant Stadium during the National Championship Game on Monday night. The website states that the object of this picture is to identify and tag yourself or a friend.

Since a friend of mine, who is a VCU grad, went to Houston to support his Rams and to go to all three games, I figured I'd look for him. After a few minutes of not knowing where the hell to look, I found myself staring at a man picking his nose. Bet he didn't want THAT plastered across the internet. It also got me thinking that since there were over 70,300 people in attendance, how many of those people were doing things that they wouldn't want to share with the world?

With that said, I invite you all to go here and find as much nose-picking, crotch-grabbing, ass-staring, etc. as possible.

Let us know what you find in the comments...find something COMPLETELY outrageous and there just might be something in it for you.


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