Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Game of Smiles and Tears

I know we always talk about the negatives things that athletes do, but it's rare that we truly focus on the positives. Today that is going to change for at least one post. On March 20, police were called to a house in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, because of gun fire. Officer Craig Birkholz was shot, and killed at the scene of the crime. The picture you are looking at above is of Brandon Jennings with Ashley Birkholz (wife of slain office Craig Birkholz) before the last game of the season Monday night at the Bradley Center, which occurred as the Bucks and their players took special notice to the fallen hero.

Another officer, Ryan Williams, was also shot at the scene and was in critical condition for several days. He did return home to his family on March 25. He was also in attendance Monday night sitting court side for the game. The people involved in this tragic incident were all honored on the court during the second quarter of the game for their commitment to safety in the Fond du Lac community. It is always cool when teams reach out to people in the community. Click here for more on the story and more photos from Monday night. And if you are looking for a career in which you can do good things too, checkout a social work online degree.

The Bucks went on to win the game Monday night 93-86 to close out the season at home. It is always nice to win on the court, but it is also a good feeling for these guys to be involved off the court. I could not imagine something like this happening to me, but for those affected in the tragedy to be able to go to a Bucks game just to take their minds off things had to be a relief. Also put yourself in the shoes of the players that had to talk to Ashley or Ryan. What do you say? How do you not just break down in tears? I know this stuff happens more then it is written about, but sometimes it just needs to be put out on the web.

As for the Bucks, Milwaukee will end the season Wednesday night at Oklahoma City in a game that means nothing. So this will be the last we talk about the Bucks until the draft. I wish we could have ended this Bucks season with a playoff run, but at I think the picture above shows that we did go out on a high note.


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