Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Area Man Eats Three Qdoba Burritos in One Sitting

He's used to eating two Chicken Queso Burritos from Qdoba, but the third one proved to be quite the challenge.  Re-live the final three minutes of his hour long quest to make history! Congratulations, Gweeds. You truly are an American Hero.


Chad said...

Way to go Gweeds...In honor of this feat I'm gonna get some Chipotle tonight (since the nearest Qdoba is like 20 minutes away).

Winks said...

This is almost as painful to watch as it must have been to eat. Haha, we need lives.

Turtle said...

I'm partial to Chipotle but I can't IMAGINE eating 2 let alone 3 of those bastards. Props to you...much better than Adam Richman. Plus, that dude it such a DOUCHE!!! Everything he eats is the most succulent, delicious, yada, yada, yada.

QdobaWI said...

This is awesome! You should e-mail me your contact information and tshirt size and I will send you some cool Qdoba prizes for this feat! My E-mail is zchapman@roaring-fork.com

(Qdoba Marketing Coordinator in Madison)

Wade Bates said...

I bow down to the master! The Bar is high..but I think Winks must attempt 4!! That's right...I want to see for Qdoba burritos in one sitting.

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