Friday, April 15, 2011

How Sweep It Is / Hungry Like the Wolf

Obvious headline week continues here at The Bucky Channel, and Thursday night's victory against the Pirates was too good for just one title to this post. It's almost as if the Brewers pitching staff is trying to play a game of one-upping one another, and now you can throw Randy Wolf into that mix. Wolf pitched on Thursday night the way that he did towards the end of last season, aka not insanely terrible. In the Brewers 4-1 win over Pittsburgh, Wolf went 6 2/3 innings, allowing just three hits and striking out ten batters. Ten strikeouts! I firmly believe that the acquisitions of Marcum and Greinke are pushing guys like Wolf and Narveson to pitch better, because we are seeing a very high level of pitching from the back end of the rotation right now.

Thanks to Wolf, the Brewers took their bid for their fourth shutout of the season into the ninth inning, but John Axford struggled a bit again and his wild pitch with the bases loaded gave the Pirates their first run of the night. Thankfully, it was their only run, although Axford still is a little more on the shaky side than you would like to see. Also pitching in this affair was Kameron Loe, who made his eighth appearance in twelve games. I often say "In Ron We Trust", but it looks like Roenicke doesn't trust anyone in his bullpen outside of Loe.

Betancourt, Fielder, and Morgan all had RBI in the game on Thursday, although Morgan was denied his nightly goal of a triple. Tony Plush hit one down the right field line in the ninth inning, but fell on the base path as he passed second. When Morgan got up, instead of going back to second base where he would for sure have been safe, he still tried to get the triple and was eventually caught down in the rundown. Gotta love the hustle from Wisconsin's biggest Twitter sensation.

So even though it was just a pair of games, it counts in the books as a sweep, and the Brewers now improve to 7-5 on the season. I'd still like to see them win two against the Nats this weekend, and pick up one against the Phillies even though we are hitting the top of Philadelphia's rotation. If we can come home next Friday at 10-8, I'll be more than pleased. Six o'clock start tonight for the Crew, and then afternoon baseball the next two days.

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