Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Think This Team is on to Something

I don't want to get too excited about how well the Brewers have been playing as of late, for the same reason that I didn't want to panic when this team started 0-4: It's still very, very early. But you have to admire how well the Brewers ballclub has been playing as of late, winners of six of their last seven. They are doing it with pitching, they are doing it with hitting, and to the chagrin of Yuniesky Betancourt, they are even doing it with defense.

In Tuesday night's game, the Brewers got another great performance out of their pitching staff, this time with Shaun Marcum going seven innings, giving up just four hits and no earned runs. In fact, both he and the Pirates' Kevin Correia took no-hitters into the fifth inning (I don't think anyone at the ballpark jinxed them out of it either, since nobody was at PNC on Tuesday). But where the Brewers were able to get to Correia, Marcum was able to keep the Pirates in check. The bullpen came in and finished the job for him to give the Crew the 6-0 victory, but I am a little concerned that Braddock looked a little off, and that Kameron Loe pitched for the 7th time in 11 games. In Ron We Trust though.

With the win, the Brewers earned their third shutout of the season, the most so far in the big leagues. They are getting the offensive attack to compliment the pitching though, and this game highlighted by Prince Fielder and his three run shot in the sixth. Fielder should actually have never batted in the inning, but defensive mistakes by the Pirates allowed Prince to come up with two men on, and that was all she wrote. Tony Plush aka Nyj Morgan may have stole the show though when he scored in the seventh inning after a collision with Ryan Doumit at the plate. As Tony Plush says, "Plush finds Ryan Doumit to be a generally affable chap. But when he stands between Plush and a run, Doumit must take a seat." I love this guy.

Milwaukee improves to 6-5 with the win, and they'll take on the Pirates again Thursday evening at six.

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