Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Inevitable Football Score Joke

14-7? I thought it was Brewers vs. Astros, not Packers vs. Texans. 14-7? Didn't they stop playing football in Milwaukee like ten years ago? 14-7? I thought that the NFL was doing some sort of lockout right now. I can only imagine what other terrible attempts at humor were tossed out after the good people of Wisconsin saw the Brewers score on Friday night. This happens like once or twice per year, when a baseball game will put up a score more suited for a football game, and the same lame jokes get recycled every year. Oh well, at least Milwaukee was on the winning side of things (and for the first three sentences, imagine those lines being spoke by a southern hick, because that's how I was saying them when I was typing them for whatever reason).

The biggest take-away from the Brewers win has to be the performance of our POTG, Ryan Braun. Fresh off of a contract extension worth more than $100 million, Braun soaked in the standing ovations that he received and thanked the fans by belting a three-run home run in the fourth that put the Brewers in the drivers seat for the rest of the night. I was really impressed with the article Miller Park Drunk posted defending the new Ryan Braun deal, and I think Braun defended it pretty well last night with a 3-for-4 performance which included the aforementioned dinger. Just a spectacular couple of days for a guy who admittedly wants to be a "Brewer for Life". Even though in 2020 this situation is probably going to get as murky as the Derek Jeter one with the Yankees was this summer, I'm ready for nine more years of Brauniecakes.

Braun's offense was just part of the explosion however, as it was a game that saw the Brewers score in every inning but their first and their last. In addition to Braun, multi-RBI performances were also enjoyed by Carlos Gomez (who I still think sucks - nice job running the bases last night - but whatever), Casey McGehee, Mark Kotsay, and even Yuniesky Betancourt (another sidenote: I'm convinced the Brewers are trading for a new shortstop at the deadline, a .224 average does not mix well with spotty defense). It was one of those games where our pitching staff actually really sucked, but it was laughable because we had double digit runs, so good on you offense.

Yovani Gallardo was part of the rough pitching performance on Friday, as he has been struggling as of late. It's nice that he makes up for his struggles with Yovani Smashes though. Sean Green was pretty terrible too last night. I just don't trust the guy on the mound. Is it because I can't trust him because he looks kind of creepy to me? Yes, yes it is. That's okay, I'm kind of a weird looking dude myself, and I'm not that bad of a guy, so I'll try to give him another chance.

The Crew is back in action tonight at 6:05pm Miller Park Standard Time. Weeks will probably be a scratch in this one because he did something to his hand while sliding into second. Get ready for Craiggers at second tonight!

Brew Crew Haiku

"Show Me the Money!"
Braun asks, owner Mark complies.
Worth the investment.


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