Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Time For Plushdamentals

Since it's a Follow Friday, we here at the Bucky Channel would like to introduce everyone's favorite new Brewer. Check out Nyjer Morgan's gentlemanly alter ego on Twitter @Tony_Plush. If you check out his timeline you can see that his new teammates are getting him up to speed quite quickly. Here are few of the highlights:

On Cubs fans at Miller Park:

"Plush heard Cubs fans cross the border like mouth-breathing hordes sweeping across the moors, eager to berate and blaspheme."

"That they act with a belligerence befitting a team that has won a World Series more recently than the year the first Model T was produced."

"Tony Plush may be new, but he knows good from bad, right from wrong. Plush is a gourmand, but tonight he will feast on goat."

On Manny Ramirez:

"Tony Plush doesn’t want to steal Manny’s thunder, but he is announcing right now that he will retire as a Brewer in 2021. Possibly ’22."

On his defensive skills:

"I asked Coach Roenicke if he would let me play all three outfield positions by myself next inning. His response: 'We'll see.'"

On everyone's favorite douchebag:

"@WitradoSN You shouldn't have left. I could have been your muse."

And finally on Ron Roenicke suspending him from tweeting during games:

"Plush must accept the suspension like a gentleman and come back strong tomorrow. Now, he has to go practice hitting triples. #Plushdamentals"

Now go join Plush Nation, trust me, you won't regret it.


Turtle said...

Very surprised MLB allows players to tweet during games when all other media is controlled and stripped from the fans (see highlights on youtube, using team mascot names in podcasts, etc.). All other major professional sports have banned this practice and it's only a matter of time before Herr Selig has his say. I'm pretty sure that the only reason it's not happened yet is due to the fact that he's not aware of the "Tweetilizer".

Anonymous said...

If you're part of Plush Nation be sure to show it by getting your Plushdamentals shirt at:

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