Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The NFL Lockout is Over...Kinda...

NFL Logo wrapped in gauze...you do it better, then!


Yes, technically the lockout portion of your NFL off-season has been interrupted but there's the pending appeals portion, the fact that coaches have been instructed to give the players the silent treatment, the rumor that players aren't going to be allowed in the weight rooms, etc. This is still an ugly situation and now it's increasingly complicated because no one knows all the "rules" so look forward to violation accusations volleyed between the two sides as well as the upcoming draft and additional complications to the convoluted rules that would have gone along with that.

Before the ruling, once a player was drafted, could the team talk to said draftee? Obviously there wouldn't have been the possibility of any contract negotiations but now? Holy hell, what a cluster!

Remember one thing Vikings fan...the GREEN BAY PACKERS are WORLD CHAMPIONS!

So, definitely, YAY!

Now, QB12 and Coach McCarthy need to take some sign language classes so they can get the QB School going! We don't need any coach-player interaction violations!


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