Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pack Bolster Offensive Line With Schlauderaff

After trading down three times, Ted Thompson finally found a kid he likes in Caleb Schlauderaff, a bit 6'4'', 305 pound offensive linemen from Utah. He's not the defensive linemen that Packers fans seem to be hoping for, but he's more depth along an offensive line that has really been made through the drafts of Ted Thompson. It's clear that Thompson doesn't like paying money for offensive linemen in free agency, so the way to counter that is to build through the draft. The Packers have two more sixth-round picks coming up, so I'm sure Dom Capers will get more guys to work with along the way.

We're in the point of the draft now where these are players I haven't heard of - you have to be deeply invested into this game to rattle off information about linemen from Utah off the top of your head - but Ted's got immunity with me, and I'm going to agree with every pick he makes until he proves me otherwise. Which he won't, because Ted is awesome.


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