Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Qdoba History Being Made Tonight

For those of you that don't know, my current living situation right now includes myself and two roommates, fellow Bucky Channel writer Gweeds and lazy Bucky Channel writer Bear. We have a Tuesday night ritual of going to Qdoba every Tuesday night, as it's double points night with our Qdoba cards, of course. Burritos are our flavor of choice, and the big guys that we are, we like to eat not one, but two burritos per sitting. The food is so delicious, but the health ramifications of this endeavor have yet to be seen. Because of the mini-diet that I'm on (doing a little calorie-counting, although I'm purposely forgetting to leave any and all alcoholic beverages off of the list), I have decided to cut back to just one burrito per week.

In fact, the last time that I did eat two burritos - the Chicken Queso is my burrito of choice - it was during a very late night session at a Milwaukee Qdoba. I was so hungry that I got in line to order a third, but had seconds thoughts and pull the trigger. Eating three burritos is something that I've always wanted to do, but never have actually attempted it. I eat the first two pretty quick, so I think a third one would be manageable. Despite the fact that the guys at the Milwaukee 'Doba told me that if I ate a third, a fourth one would be on them, I passed and let my dream slip away from me.

Now that I'm on this lame attempt at a diet, I decided to cut back to the one burrito per week. In fact, I told the staff at the Fond du Lac Qdoba that when I come in there I either want one, or three, but never again just the two. Since there are like 1,000 calories in these things, it wouldn't really mess well with the diet, so it sounds like it's just going to be one per week for awhile, and the Triple Doba will never be attempted.

At least that's what I thought. Seems that my dream was also shared by Gweedo, and he will be attempting the feat tonight. Three Chicken Queso burritos from Qdoba. Nearly 3,000 calories of tasty goodness. And you can bet that The Bucky Channel will be covering this historic occasion live tonight, shortly after 6:30pm. Check back with us for the results for this truly momentous affair.


Tony Brown said...

3 burritos, 3 NBA playoff games, 3 NHL playoff games - sounds like a good night.

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