Sunday, April 24, 2011

Randy Wolf is Amazing, Hawk is Close Second

Even though all the attention during Sunday's Brewers game may have went to the hawk that was flying around Miller Park, it's clear that Brewers pitcher Randy Wolf was the star of this game. Wolf was actually pretty terrible last year until the month of September, when he pitched some of the best ball of his life. I figured it was just because there was really no pressure on him to perform at that time, but apparently not. Wolf has pitched like our ace during the month of April, and it's refreshing to see someone carry the load like this with Greinke still recovering on the DL. Despite the best efforts of the Miller Park Hawk, Randy Wolf will get Sunday's POTG after giving up just four hits and one run across eight innings.

It was a solid 4-1 victory for the Milwaukee Brewers, who take two of three from the Astros, although you would have liked for Milwaukee to get the sweep with how disappointing Saturday night's game was. Brandon Boggs and Rickie Weeks both homered in the affair, and I'm really hoping that Boggs sticks around instead of Almonte when a decision has to be made, as Boggs was my guy during Spring Training. Weeks came back after an off night due to a hand injury, but apparently it didn't bother him too much today as he continues to have a nice start to this season.

What we're seeing from the Brewers right now is a team that is really relying on their pitching, believe it or not, because for the most part their offense has consisted of Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. Braun struggled a bit on Sunday, and Fielder only had one hit as well (but it was a triple!), which is fine with me because we saw the other guys step up. The Brewers are at 11-10 right now, 1/2 game back in the division and there's nothing wrong with that. Greinke and Hart will be back soon, and hopefully the Brewers can start to go on a bit of a tear this May. I'm liking the approach that Ron Roenicke is taking as manager, and I think that once this team gets a few more weeks under their belt, you'll see their record get farther and farther away from .500, and in the positive direction.

Hawk steals the spotlight
But Wolf is also flying
Under the radar


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