Thursday, April 7, 2011

That's What You Call a Winning Streak

Because Best Buy and Sony have corroborated together to make sure I'm left without a computer for as long as possible, recaps may be hit and miss for the next week or two (or three? or four? Give me my computer back already!!!). And today happens to be one of those instances where just when I have a few minutes to crank out one, the first pitch for the next game has already been thrown. But while I've deemed a day without a recap to be excusable, going a day without handing out the Player of the Game award would be uncalled for.

Marco Estrada was in line for the POTG for his performance in a spot start against the Braves, but the one bad pitch he threw to Jason Heyward in the sixth cost him the award and cost the Brewers three runs. From that point on, this seemed like a game that the Brewers were destined to lose. But the bullpen held on - Zach Braddock, Kameron Loe, and yes even John Axford, and the Brewers earned the 5-4 win.

Despite Estrada's one error, it didn't prove to be too damaging because before that even happened the Brewers offense did a nice job putting numbers up on the board. The main man in that attack was Prince Fielder, as the big man went 3-for-4 with three RBI and crossed the plate twice himself. He'll get the nomination for the night, and I've just decided that I'm going to send a t-shirt (which are in the works believe it or not) to the winner of the contest. Whether they wear it or not remains to be seen, but what the hell eh? Kudos also to Mark Kotsay and Yuniesky Betancourt, as they collected the other RBI and made me hate both of them just a little less.

With the win, the Brewers go to 2-4 and are halfway towards their goal I set for them of a four game winning streak. We'll see if they can do that in their next contest which start.....ed twenty minutes ago. Enjoy the game!

POTG: Prince Fielder (1)


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