Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

It's obvious headline week here at The Bucky Channel, and let's kick off this weekend series recap with the title of a Meatloaf record. As mentioned, I attended the game on Saturday night and the number one thing that I came away with was how it did not feel like an April baseball game. The rivalry between Milwaukee and Chicago was in full swing, and the chants of "Let's Go Brewers" in the concourse after the game mixed with the general atomosphere throughout the stadium made this feel more like a late August, early September game than it did anything else. Saturday of course was the impressive 6-0 win by the Brewers over the Cubbies, and the Brewers continued their success on Sunday by taking the first series between the two clubs in 2011.

Now in the past, I would have written a recap on Sunday night with in-depth analysis on all three games and a review of my time at Miller Park. But now this post is coming to you on a Monday afternoon, and anything I write already seems a little stale. This can be attributed to the fact that I took my laptop to Best Buy on March 26th, they sent it to Sony that evening, and Sony sent it back to Best Buy this weekend with a note telling them that no work was done. So Best Buy is sending it back to Sony tonight, and I'm sure it will be May before I ever see my beloved laptop again. I know that there are far worse problems in this world than going without a laptop for a month, but I just wanted to explain exactly where the hell I've been lately. So let's look at some POTG's for the weekend:

Friday - Cubs 7, Brewers 4
POTG: No real clear cut winner, so I'm going to give it to Prince Fielder because...

Saturday - Brewers 6, Cubs 0
POTG: As much as Prince deserves it here, I always go with the pitcher on a night like this. Narveson.

Sunday - Brewers 6, Cubs 5
POTG: One at-bat, one home run. All the difference. Casey McGehee.

The Crew will be back in action on Tuesday night with a three game set against Pittsburgh, then three against Washington and three against Philly. At 5-5, you'd like to see this the last time that Milwaukee is at .500 or lower on the season, so I'm hoping for winning series against the two teams this week, and then hopefully we can pick one up in Philly. If we can go 5-4 on this road trip, that'll be enough for me. This team looked pretty good this last week though, so maybe the Brewers can surprise me and pick up a couple more wins.

One man that won't be on the flight with them is Jeremy Reed, as his Adam Stern type stint with the Crew is over, and it's going to take some major injuries before he's back with the big league club. He had a great spring, but didn't get anythig going in his limited at-bats. So he's sent down to make room for Jonathan Lucroy, and the Brewers appear to be willing to carry three catchers for awhile.


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