Thursday, April 7, 2011

What, Me Worry?

After the initial panic of the Brewers 0-4 start has subsided, the baseball team that we all expected to take to the field this season has arrived. Don't get me wrong, this is a team that is going to lose four games in a row again at some point this season, but it's because that is how they started the season that everyone was up in arms. I wouldn't say that I personally was in a panic mode, but I was definitely frustrated.

Still, my prediction for this team was that they were going to win their next four games and prove to everyone that they are a legit contender after all. Even though they didn't need to do that - baseball is a 162 game season, remember - they are giving their best effort to get it done. After losing the first game in the series with Atlanta, the Brewers rattled off three straight wins and will now be looking for the fourth one on Friday night against the Chicago Cubs.

To get win number three of the season, the Brewers had a healthy dose of offense, defense, and pitching. Nyjer Morgan continued on his quest to become a fan favorite by making spectacular plays on defense, Ryan Braun went deep for his third home run of the season, and Shawn Marcum had a nice day on the bump giving up just two runs in six innings. Marcum's line might not be jaw-dropping, but it's a huge improvement over the lines we were getting from our pitchers last season. These are my favorite kind of Brewers games, games like their 4-2 win over the Braves on Wednesday. They get enough offense, they have quality pitching, but the game is still exciting enough that Axford can come in and get the save. Those are the kinds of victories I want to see from this Brewers team.

Whether they hit the four game win streak that I've set for them or not though, it's good to see that the Brewers have put a few quality games together after such a rough start. Honestly, I'm not sure really what to expect from this team, but I think when they get fully healthy they'll be even better than we thought they could be. I'm excited to see what comes about from this team, so excited in fact that I'm going to head down for the game on Saturday. I'm making a weekend out of it, so I'll be back on Sunday with a Cubs series recap.

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Turtle said...

Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs Go...Hey Chicago what do you say, the Cubs are gonna play adequate baseball and hope to win at least one game of this series today.

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