Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brew Crew Haiku

Marcum was rolling
But Grand Slam puts Crew behind
Prince should've stayed

Who is Brandon Crawford? I had never heard of him either until he hit a grand slam off of Shaun Marcum in the seventh inning of the Brewers/Giants game on Friday night. The shot effectively ended the Brewers six-game winning streak, as they weren't able to make a late inning comeback and lost 5-4. Milwaukee got close to doing so, but Prince Fielder was sent home during a play where he probably should have been held back at third. Not Eddie Sedar's finest moment, but we forgive him.

To be honest, I'm surprised I remember that much of the game. The wedding I was at on Friday was an incredible time, and I wanted to again say congrats to my friends Pat and Jane. Now, if I can only somehow get rid of this hangover in time to enjoy the rest of this Memorial Day weekend.

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