Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brewers Nearly Give Away Sure Victory

Hey! This is fun! Shaun Marcum is pitching well, and the Brewers have an 8-0 lead! This game is surely in the books, what an excellent time to be a Brewers fan! What's that? The Padres are mounting a comeback? They scored four runs in the seventh inning? The Brewers need to use Kameron Loe and John Axford despite being up eight runs? Thankfully, they got the 8-6 win, but that kind of performance can't sit too well with the manager.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not very happy about this game," Roenicke explained to Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "We're winning, 8-0, and we've got our setup guy (Kameron Loe) in there who we didn't really want to bring in again, and we had to use our closer (John Axford) again.

"I'm not very happy about it. I'm real happy about the offense. After three, four innings, I'm feeling real good. But I just think we finally score a bunch of runs, we need to hold them down so we're not using our guys again."

Roenicke also had to be pretty upset about a play that killed a rally in the second inning. Jonathan Lucroy hit a 2-RBI single that saw Corey Hart advancing to third, but Hart got caught in the early stages of a rundown and was out at the hot corner. Perhaps thinking that Hart was going to be caught in a pickle, Lucroy then tried to move from first to second and was out by a mile. So the play that started with Lucroy at the plate with the bases loaded ended with Hart and Lucroy being thrown out at the bases due to nothing more than bad baserunning. Despite his shortcomings on the bases though, Lucroy does get the POTG for his 3-for-4, two RBI night.

No Lucroy in the lineup on Wednesday however, as Will Nieves gets the nod to be paired up with Randy Wolf, even though Roenicke has said that there would be no personal catchers this year. Roenicke is also sitting another hot Brewers hitter in Carlos Gomez, as Mark Kotsay of all people is getting the start in center. So far, not so good, because as of this posting Randy Wolf just had a horrendous first inning and the Brewers are trailing 3-0. Let's go get 'em, Ron!

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