Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brewers Rap 1-0

Gweeds did a Brewer rap,

The Crew didn't play like crap.

YoGo almost threw a no hitter,

Instead Verlander threw a no hitter.

YoGo will get player of the game,

But Carlos Gomez should get some fame.

The Brewers will look to start a winning streak.

Lets hope the hitting can find its peak.

Don't forget today is Mother's day brother,

Lets hope the Brewers offensive continues to grow.

This pitching staff is starting to look great,

Could this team win the next eight?


Winks said...

Thanks for manning the fort while I was gone. But buddy, you can't rhyme words with themselves. And since when does brother rhyme with grow?

Haha, thanks again.

Gweedo said...

haha it should have been bro. Also They did it in 8 mile so I can do it.

Gweedo said...

And I was hammered

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