Monday, May 30, 2011

Brewers Rolling Right Along

Crew takes early lead
Against weak Giants lineup
An easier win

That's about how I would sum up the Brewers 6-0 victory over the Giants on Sunday - easy. The Brewers took a two run lead in the first inning and never really had to look back from there. As he's done all May, Yovani Gallardo pitched very well, in this game going eight innings allowing no runs off of four hits. He had five strikeouts in the matter to go along with it, but again, this was the not strongest Giants lineup that we've seen this season. Of course, Buster Posey was out of the lineup as he is done for the season, but the rest of the lineup just looked like a mess on paper. Really, I look at this Giants depth chart and have a hard time figuring out how they won a World Series last year, and the loss of Posey is really going to kill this team's chances at a repeat. Credit the Brewers for beating an opponent when they were down and out, rather than struggling and losing to a lesser lineup card.

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