Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy Off Day

There was no Brewers game on this Tuesday night, but there is plenty of news to report regarding this Brewers club. First off, it should be known that the Brewers are scheduled for a traditional doubleheader, with the first game set for Wednesday at 3:00pm and the second to follow 30 minutes after. Marco Estrada is going to pitch game one, and then Zack Greinke will debut in game two. According to our boy Haudricourt, it's very likely that Estrada is going to be sent down after the first game to clear the spot for Zack. If so, hopefully Estrada can find a spot with our big league club again soon.

This move will be in addition to the many moves Milwaukee made on Tuesday. Nyjer Morgan was activated from the DL, and was slated to start in center on Tuesday if the game would have been played. To activate him, Zach Braddock was placed on the DL with a sleeping disorder of all things. Meanwhile, down in Nashville, Mark Rogers has been sent to the DL with a viral infection while the Brewers acquired 1B/OF Jordan Brown from Cleveland for cash.

Interesting day for not having a game. Looking forward to two on Wednesday.


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